Executive Protection

India's Exclusive Full Spectrum Business Risk Solutions Enterprise

Enterprises and businesses in developing and emerging markets are confronted with array of risks threatening their assets and operations. TACT India has evolved several proactive strategies to reduce such risks, ensuring business development.

Executive Protection:

TACT India provides preventive and close physical protection services for high value executives both in static and mobile modes. Former Special Forces personnel with extensive experience and knowledge of Indian topography having proven integrity are deployed for such assignments.

Disaster Recovery:

TACT India evolves contingency plans for business operations to continue with minimum disruptions during and post disasters including fast recovery to restore their business functions at the earliest. We undertake disaster evacuation for man-made and natural calamities in the Indian sub-continent.

Venue and Event Protection:

TACT India’s specialist dedicated resources provide Venue and Event security specifically in relation to the following:

• Surveys to ensure security of venues and events undertaken by corporate.
• Coordinate corporate security with related authorities and event managers.
• Access control and security coordination for events.
• Undertake and coordinate the right response in case an incident happens.
Security Audit: TACT India’s security audits provide the clients with:
• Safe & secure work and residential environment.
• Pre-empt information leakage.
• Guard against legal & financial implications.
• Loss mitigation that arises from pilferage & theft.
IT Security:

Inadequate computer security is now one of the greatest threats faced by businesses the world over. Not only personal data but company finances, R & D and strategic policies are all vulnerable if a company does not employ adequate computer security safeguards. To help minimize the risks, TACT India has drawn together professionals from security, investigative and IT backgrounds to carry out IT security audits of establishments. We also highlight external and internal vulnerabilities making clear recommendations as to what steps should be taken to counteract these problems.

Risk Assessment, Reviews and Reports:

TACT India offers thorough analysis of threats and risks in Indian sub-continent. Assessment spans identification of social & political events, terrorists & mass unrest, labor & economic, corruption & crime incidents and trends directed towards businesses. TACT India’s network & roots enable them to collect information from right quarters about imminent warnings and make fortnightly and monthly reports.