Fraud Investigations

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Corporate Frauds come in various formats & can be seriously detrimental to running a business. These activities can include misappropriation of cash or inventory, fraudulent financial reporting and money laundering.

TACT India has conducted numerous investigation assignments across sectors. Below are some examples of the type of investigations we have regularly carried out. This list is by no means exhaustive but does detail the most common types of fraud and breach of company policy that we discover.

1. Conflict of Interest - The most common breach of company policy where an employee has:
    • Has close relationships with suppliers or contractors that he deals with.
    • Has undeclared interest / ownership in other companies.
    • Carries out other business activities during company time and using company resources.
    • Accept gifts in return for favourable treatment.
2. Contract & Procurement Fraud
    • Pre-Tender Phase - Collusion in determining needs and bid specification.
    • Tendering and Negotiation Phase - Premature opening of bids, altering bids, extension of bid opening dates, falsifying bid records, bid rigging, bid suppression, phantom bids, bid rotation, complimentary bids, defective pricing.
    • Performance Stage - Product substitution, accounting, material and labour mischarges.
3. Misuse, misappropriation or theft of resources / assets
4. Marketing Incentive Frauds
5. Bribery & Facilitation Payments
6. Theft of trade secrets

Our Fraud Investigation Team comprises of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE’s), Financial Experts, Due Diligence Professionals Including Top Business School Graduates, Legal Experts & we retain several highly experienced Project Managers, Valuers, Technical Experts encompassing various sectors.